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Last night I had what I think was my first law nightmare. I was trying to practice law in Britain and I wasn’t licensed as a barrister or solicitor — I can never remember which is which — and for some reason my cat was at the courthouse and my apple tree was growing pumpkin-sized […]

Pro Bono


I think the local pro bono coordinator is out to get me. We have a central clearinghouse for cases that LSC can’t take that get farmed out to lawyers willing to do pro-bono. The coordinator is a really nice woman, but I swear to God, I keep getting the most obnoxious cases. The ones that […]

I had court today, so of course I came down with a horrific cold over the weekend and went into court with a bright red nose, an aching ear, and a neck so stiff I couldn’t turn it. Driving to the courthouse was entertaining without being able to look side to side. I had to […]