So it’s Monday and life doesn’t suck yet, but I have two things on my to-do list that I know is going to MAKE life suck, so I’m sitting here dawdling (and blogging) and not billing hours because I just can’t bear to dig into this and trigger a depressive episode.

On the plus side, my desk is SPECTACULARLY clean.

It’s surprising how long you can actually sit and do nothing before the world falls down around your ears, as long as you don’t mind the dearth of billables.


One Response to “Paralysis”

  1. 1 mark51douglass

    The best approach to depressive paralysis is paradoxically do what your entire mind and body conspires against. DO SOMETHING. DO ONE THING, ANY THING. BUT DO SOME THING.

    When I was depressed, my wife helped me in this regard. Her question, “Do you want to go for a walk?” was always answered by “No!” Ultimately, she learned to help me by bringing me a coat and encouraging/cajoling/ demanding I put on my coat and go for a walk with her. She was a savior.

    Perhaps there is a colleague in your office who can help you here.

    Mark Douglass

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