Bad Day


This actually turned out to be a rotten depression day. I had to take some time alone in my office at noon to just cry — which, of course, professional women can’t do — and my afternoon has just been one long slog of trying not to give in to crying again.


One Response to “Bad Day”

  1. 1 mark51douglass

    One time I was kneeling in church, praying, desperately seeking guidance about a personal matter. Tears were coming down my cheeks. I then stood up and turned to my left to be greeted by a fellow parishioner—–a young lawyer friend. He saw I was troubled, extended his hand, and asked, “How are you doing?”

    I immediately put on my “game face” and said, “Oh, things are going great. How about you?”

    A few years later, I ran into a law school classmate of mine as she was leaving a local business. She was crying. It was clear something was very wrong. I somehow think her credit card had been declined as “over limit”—but I really don’t know. I saw she was troubled. I extended my hand and asked, “Are you okay?”

    She immediately put on her “game face” and said, “Oh, things are going great. How about you?”

    We lawyers are so afraid of showing vulnerability—even if our emotional pain is killing us.

    On a positive note, both I and my law school classmate eventually left the law for more satisfying vocations.

    Mark Douglass

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