Back to Court, with Pain


I had court today, so of course I came down with a horrific cold over the weekend and went into court with a bright red nose, an aching ear, and a neck so stiff I couldn’t turn it. Driving to the courthouse was entertaining without being able to look side to side. I had to pull over and enjoy a rerun of breakfast.

As far as the actual hearing went, pretty painless. We were in and out in five minutes and got the order we wanted. Now all I have to do is focus on not puking until I can go home and lie down. Is not puking on a client file billable time? If I have to work despite being so sick I can barely crawl, it ought to be.

I was actually desperate to get to court today. They’re scheduling hearings four months out, so if I missed my reschedule wouldn’t have been until April, and I don’t like this client so much I want to be spending quality time with him until April. Runny nose and hacking cough be damned.

Part of me hopes I infected the entire courthouse just for spite. The rest of me liked the judge and hopes I didn’t give him a cold.


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